Analysis of Intel Distillery data shows that policy topics led recent influential conversations. Much of the attention stemmed from ongoing efforts to clarify marketing terms and production methods.

  • Texas legislators approved a law that restricts the use of terms such as “meat,” “beef,” “pork” or “chicken” to traditional meat from live animals.
  • Good Food Institute joined the World Health Organization’s Codex Alimentarius Commission, creating an opportunity to influence global safety and regulatory standards for alternative protein production.

Sourcing of protein ingredients returned to force after taking a back seat to investment and innovation in the previous month. The most-discussed examples both focused on mycoprotein fermentation:

  • As Unilever expanded its Vegetarian Butcher line, the food giant partnered with ENOUGH to produce “zero-waste” mycoprotein.
  • The Better Meat Co unveiled plans on June 6 to shift the focus of its production from extruded pea and algae proteins to mycoprotein fermentation.

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