September rankings - Policy #1, Sourcing +4, Channels & Health -2

A Long Fuse is Lit: Labeling Looms Large

Influential conversations about cell-cultured products took a turn in September as labeling policies moved a step closer to reality. Previously, discussions had concerned regulation, with FDA and USDA splitting responsibility in 2019. Since then, manufacturing news about new products and facilities dominated.

  • On Sept. 2, the USDA requested input on labeling of cell-cultured meat and poultry products. The agency will accept comments for 60 days.
  • Consumer Federation of America hosted a webinar evaluating existing public policy frameworks.

In the past month, conversations around sourcing for both plant-based and cell-culture proteins grew in volume, while channel availability and food safety concerns dimmed slightly. Impossible Foods’ much-heralded plant-based nuggets lacked immediate partnerships.

  • Ingredient producers ramped up production ranging from pea protein (Alt Meat) to cell-culture mediums (The Spoon).
  • Additionally, “clean label” conversations gained steam, with leaders from Cargill and ADM weighing in on options for simpler ingredient lists (Food Business News).

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