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Today’s explosion of unvetted digital publishing makes identifying truly valuable content a real challenge. Since 2012, The Intel Distillery has tracked the key stories from the 1,500 most influential people in the food and beverage field — those most responsible for starting new trends and conversations.

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How it works:

Voices That Matter

We maintain a database of 1,500 of the most influential voices in food.

Stories That Matter

We monitor 40 topics and hundreds of subtopics, cataloguing discussions.


Our experts cross tabulate the influential voices with the most discussed topics to distill relevant information.

Information That Matters

We deliver one trusted source for current, actionable analysis derived from the leading voices in the industry.

Our Chicago team of industry experts has followed food and beverage stories and trends for years. They first began identifying and tracking the biggest players in the food and agriculture business back in 2012. Since then, they’ve maintained a database of what these industry drivers say and what it all means from a macro perspective. With their unique perspectives and a combined 90 years of food business experience, The Intel Distillery team delivers powerful observations and analysis about food, updated every workday.

Market Driving Topics


We cross-tabulate our two databases to provide an initial quantitative structure to understand the top issues affecting our food system.


We are able to rank and analyze top topics. And we've been doing this for many years. This provides macro perspective on all of the issues, comparatively.


We elaborate on this infographic with anecdotes to explain changes in rank and significant happenings.

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