We are proud to share our latest Top Ten Topics Report.

Each quarter, The Intel Distillery ranks and analyzes the Top Ten Topics in the food and beverage world. Our signature Intel Distillery infographic reveals the interactive relationships between key topics over time to provide our subscribers a macro perspective. This download is a two-page executive summary of the six-page in-depth report, which is available upon request.

Highlights from this report:


An unusually wet spring caused widespread flooding and delayed planting across the Midwest, setting off complications that echoed throughout the entire food system.


Conversations about the safety of pesticide use in food production centered on a $2 billion ruling against glyphosate-producer Bayer as well as regulatory evaluations of insecticide chlorpyrifos.


Industry groups, workers, activists and politicians all voiced concerns about the long-term impacts of tariffs on imported goods. Agriculturalists also pushed for the ratification of the USMCA trade agreement.