Top Ten - Q3 2019

The interconnected nature of our food system proved the overarching theme in the third quarter as the global issues of international trade and climate change guided conversations. The balance of business and environmental priorities trickled down into other topics, bringing stewardship and sustainability messages to the forefront.

Highlights from this report:


The trade war with China continued the trend of uncertainty for food exporters. Meanwhile, President Trump signed a deal to export more pork and beef to Japan. Additionally, the administration lowered barriers to trade with Mexico to pave the way for the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement.


The food system’s effects on planetary health remained at the forefront of conversations. Forward-thinking companies made a point of addressing climate change as a key tenet of their corporate social responsibility strategies.


Climate change spilled over into conversations about how on-farm practices impact the environment. Regenerative agriculture, carbon reduction, greenhouse gas emissions and water preservation emerged as the top trends in the environmental stewardship movement.

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