We are thrilled to share our latest Top Ten Topics Report.

Each quarter, The Intel Distillery ranks and analyzes the top ten topics in the food and beverage production world. Our signature Intel Distillery infographic reveals the interactive relationships between various key topics over time. We have been delivering this unique and insightful report since 2012. Our goal is to help subscribers understand food and beverage policy from the macro perspective.

Highlights from this report:

Pesticides and Food

Special interest groups released reports claiming some food and beverage products contain pesticide residues. The reports coincided with a high-profile trial about the safety of herbicide glyphosate.

Human & Planetary Health

Diet recommendations from the EAT- Lancet Commission stirred conversations about climate change, nutrition, and the role of meat in diets.

Alternative Proteins

Industry groups and regulators addressed concerns about cell-cultured and plant-based proteins.